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The Huntington Theatre

Boston, MA

Built in 1925, Boston’s Huntington Theatre will soon become a 21st century version of itself – inside and out. Providing an exciting new cultural destination, it will welcome today’s diverse communities and engage a new generation of theatre-goers.

Bruner/Cott is restoring the theatre in a way that acknowledges its historic past, but also reflects contemporary performing arts venue standards. This balance will be achieved by reclaiming the special character of the original façade, drawing attention to it with a new marquee, embracing the unique character of the original auditorium, and providing new architecture and interiors that enable modern day social experiences and first-rate physical and technical support.

The new Huntington will offer “Radical Hospitality” through a hyper-welcoming environment that increases access for all Bostonians and visitors and provides an elevated experience. Existing lobbies will maintain their intimacy, while an improved flow throughout will make them feel less crowded. The sparkle of refurbished light fixtures will be augmented by modern lighting that accentuates the building’s remarkable original design. New seating, carpet, and paint colors will be informed by historic paint analysis, transforming the auditorium into an enhanced version of itself.

As a first-rate, modern performance venue, the theatre will set a high technical standard for superb performances and artistic excellence. Enhanced stage technology will offer greater flexibility, easier operation, and expanded opportunities for creative expression. Modern seating with improved comfort, better sightlines, and accessibility for all paired with new loading, production spaces, and dressing facilities, will support and drive attract first-class productions.

Take a flythrough tour of the reimagined Huntington.

Renderings by McLennan Design. Existing image courtesy Cushman Wakefield.

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