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Sol LeWitt Gallery at Mass MoCA, Building 7 (Phase II)

MASS MoCA | North Adams, MA

Building 7 at MASS MoCA had special appeal to the painter Sol LeWitt, its gutsy hard-edge spaces reminiscent of the studios he worked in all his life — an ideal site for a retrospective of his work. Planning for the exhibit began in 2005 with a model of Building 7. Working with the building model, LeWitt developed the exhibit sequence and spatial orientation for his wall drawings, while Bruner/Cott devised the wall layouts, lighting, and architectural details of the installation. Architecture and art merge in this semi-permanent exhibit of 100 wall drawings; the work is spread chronologically across three levels.

Natural light complements the art; building design sets highly detailed wall drawings against rough-textured mill structure. A soaring vertical connector links all three floors of the building to the rest of the museum. Building on Bruner/Cott’s Master Plan for MASS MoCA, Building 7 activates new areas of the historic complex and creates an elegant new loop within the existing circulation path.


2011 Boston Society of Architects | Honor Award


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33,000 sf

COST (2008)

$3.5 million