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Performance Hall

Seattle Pacific University | Seattle, WA

This performance hall is a cutting-edge performance center for concerts, theater, experimental audio-visual, lectures, traveling shows, and worship. The Hall seats approximately 1,100 patrons on the orchestra floor, en parterre along the sides and in a single semi-circular balcony. The stage holds a full orchestra of 90 musicians, and an upper balcony above the orchestra accommodates a large choir.

The venue has an exceptional range of acoustic qualities for various types of performances. Wood, intimate and warm, is the chosen material for most interior surfaces. Walls and ceilings are shaped for proper acoustic reflection and clarity. Natural and amplified acoustics are equally supported; a complete system of sound-absorbing curtains can be invisibly extended or retracted to modulate the sound energy within the hall.

The performance hall is a key part of a new arts district that provides academic space for music, theatre and worship. The design sets academic spaces adjacent to the performance hall, facilitating student circulation and access to rehearsal spaces. Green features include energy efficient lighting, air-to-air heat exchangers, and elimination of storm water runoff.

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45,000 sf