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Lowell National Cultural Park

Lowell, MA

Working with the Lowell Historic Canal District Commission, the Lowell Team created a detailed program and urban design plan for reclaiming underutilized historic buildings and land along Lowell’s waterways. The proposal suggested that Congress establish the first National Cultural Park in the nation in Lowell. The master plan details a means of preserving, interpreting and developing Lowell’s historic cultural and architectural resources, all while stimulating the local economy.

The Park is divided into two zones: the intensive-use zone, developed by the National Park Service and the State’s Department of Environmental Management, and the preservation zone, designed as a buffer for the park. The central activity area restores Lowell’s 19th century character and features exhibits in major mill complexes, workers’ housing, and key historic neighborhoods. The downtown area is linked to outlying historic sites by a trolley and barge system. The scenic loop uses the 19th century railroad tracks and the canals and rivers that formerly powered Lowell’s mills.


1976     American Institute of Planners – Award of Merit
1976     Progressive Architecture – Urban Design and Planning Award

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