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Living Village

Yale Divinity School | New Haven, CT

Bruner/Cott, in association with McLennan Design and Andropogon, has been commissioned  for a new Regenerative Village at Yale Divinity School. Designed to meet the Living Building Challenge 3.0 at an unprecedented scale, this new residential complex for living and learning will demonstrate environmental leadership at the highest level and serve as a replicable model for other divinity schools, places of worship, and academic institutions worldwide.

The project features 150 compact and efficient housing units centered around vibrant community spaces, including a welcome center, communal kitchens and dining areas, lecture halls, gardens, meditation and study areas, lounges, a fitness center, a café, and an interfaith sacred space for worship.

Supported by renewable energy, healthy building materials free of toxic chemicals, and ecological water systems, the Regenerative Village solidifies the school’s commitment to sustainable and affordable living, celebrating the connection between faith and environmentalism, while preparing Yale Divinity School students to go out into the world to build and lead sustainable communities of their own.

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2016 (study)

Project TBD


$75-100 million (est.)