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L Street Power Station

The L Street Power Station is a grand adaptive reuse project in a former industrial area of South Boston. At the heart of the original power plant stand four great turbine halls, beautifully articulated in the classical style typical of 19th-century industrial buildings.

The three main turbine hall structures will be preserved and re-purposed, once again becoming the heart and engine of the district as a mixed-use activity spine running from East First Street to the waterfront. The ground floors of these soaring structures will be animated by a variety of publicly accessible commercial venues and will be flexible for multiple uses, including restaurants, markets, cafes, and event, art, cultural, civic, and business spaces. The salvaged power generation equipment will be on display in the Turbine Hall to educate the public about the history of the site.

The 1898 engine room will become a new vibrant public interior space and contribute to the historical assets of the development. The building will house a flexible program of common spaces for the adjoining hotel and residential building. The interior glazed brick walls, original windows, steel trusses, gantry crane, and terracotta roof tiles will be retained to ground the building in its time and place, while several mezzanines will adapt the space to modern needs. New windows and doors will be located to connect the public to the waterfront and exterior plazas.

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