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Harvard Dance Center

Harvard University | Cambridge, MA

The Harvard Dance Center is the primary dance performance venue at Harvard University, used by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for student study and performance, as well as visiting artists. The new Center significantly modified an old 1970s athletic facility on the Radcliffe College campus, building a new stand-alone structure inside half of the existing multi-purpose tennis/gymnasium space. A new exterior entrance identifies the Dance Center as distinct from other athletic activities in the building.

The principal space is a 3,500 sf studio, convertible into a state-of-the-art performance “black box” style 300-seat theater. This main studio features 400 sf of mirrored wall space, remote-controlled audiovisual equipment, and custom-designed flooring suitable for all dance types. A second smaller dance studio is used primarily as a practice space. The complete design provides for a professional performance venue, including full locker facilities, green room, faculty offices and conference rooms.

Two new 1500′-deep geothermal wells transfer heat to and from the building’s heat pump¬†system.

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36,000 sf