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Boston University Sert Campus Master Plan

Boston University | Boston, MA

The five Sert buildings at Boston University flanking the Charles River are a significant part of the expansion plan for the renovation of the Boston University School of Law. Sert’s design work is now increasingly recognized for its quality and innovative content, and his 1960s buildings are now important pieces of architectural and cultural history.

The Preservation Master Plan outlines the conservation of this historic mid-20th century modern complex. The study stresses the importance of architectural sensitivity both in preserving the Sert complex and in reworking it for the 21st century. New interventions offer opportunities to repair existing buildings and remedy current shortcomings. Recommended work includes simple window replacement and concrete repair, surgical reordering of circulation patterns, and strategic addition of new buildings.

Sustainable considerations include a complete building envelope upgrade, including new windows and insulating the exposed concrete; new energy-efficient HVAC systems are specified.

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