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McLaughlin Cluster Residence Halls

Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH

The McLaughlin Cluster is part of a major campus expansion at Dartmouth. The new dormitories are a key addition to on-campus living and reinforce Dartmouth’s identity as a residential college. Designed in association with Moore Ruble Yudell, the buildings are visually compatible with their historic context and comfortable and contemporary inside. They foster a sense of home and community without sacrificing students’ privacy and autonomy.

The McLaughlin buildings are LEED Gold certified, emphasizing energy performance, environmental sustainability, and occupant health. They are so energy efficient that one year, during the coldest week of the winter, it took a week to discover that heat had inadvertently been turned off in one of the buildings. Sustainable features include a high-performance building envelope with superior insulation, doors and windows and air sealing); radiant heating and cooling integrated within each floor slab; heat recovery drawn from shower wastewater and enthalpy wheels; daylighting; and fully commissioned mechanical systems. Room furnishings are made from wood harvested from the College forest.


2007   Associated Builders and Contractors – Excellence in Construction Award

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130,000 sf

COST (2006)

$40 million