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Markim Hall

Macalester College | St. Paul, MN

The Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship represents Macalester College’s commitment to internationalism, multiculturalism, service to society, and sustainability. Awarded LEED Platinum certification for energy-efficient design and green technologies, the building sets a new standard for design and construction at Macalester.

Markim Hall houses administrative and faculty offices and community meeting rooms. A three-story atrium unifies floors and functions. While respecting the architectural traditions and palette of the campus, the design draws on traditions from beyond: the stone exterior echoes the universal and global traditions of load-bearing buildings. The corner peels away to mark the entrance.

Markim Hall was built at a cost comparable to other campus buildings. It is over four times as efficient as the building it replaced and is exceptionally quiet and comfortable, with 100% operable windows. A concrete core acts as a thermal flywheel to mitigate internal thermal loads. The hydronic HVAC system combines radiant ceiling panels, chilled sails and heat recovery. Recycled, non-toxic and low-VOC materials are used throughout. Outside, plantings are indigenous; landscaping is designed for storm water management.


2013   Learning by Design | Grand Award
2010   Environmental Design & Construction Magazine | Excellence in Design Awards, Honorable Mention
2009   American School & University | Post Secondary Award
2009   ACUI Bulletin | Architectural Portfolio Awards


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16,675 sf

COST (2009)

$5.4 million